Support Your Farmer Year-round: Slow Money


In addition to offering CSA – Futures programs for our regular customers, Greens Eggs and Ham relies on “Slow Money” investors to support the long-term growth and sustainability of our farm.

In 2012-14, Slow Money investments were used to:

  • Produce meat ducks as demand requires
  • Invest in a larger flock of egg laying ducks. They take 8 months to grow before producing eggs.  To increase the flock size, we need to plan a 2nd flock for 6 months later of the same number.
  • Provide greenhouse supplies for winter production
  • Heat and light the greenhouse
  • Secure reliable labour
  • Repair and maintain infrastructure

Our farm has grown tremendously.  We face challenges meeting demand for our unique products, such as meat ducks in the winter.  We have 1 barn with a 9 week turn around, but our flocks are sold in about 3 weeks! Stay tuned for updates as we need to get creative to purchase a 2nd property to enable us to take advantage of opportunities.

Are you an investor? Would you like your investments to support your Farmer? Do you believe in sustainable farming practices? Find out more at our Slow Money page.

Topping up your Futures CSA account

Members, please remember that when topping up your Futures account, it must be in multiples of $250.

My bookkeeper has to have an easy way to remove your amount from general sales so that my books balance. Our accounting is a nightmare for her with our CSA, Slow Money, Restaurant and market etc sales. This is the only easy way.

Sorry for the inconvenience, my staff is not being difficult when insisting but following directives.

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