Help needed for Calgary markets

Please help us find staff for our Calgary markets. One of our helpers is reducing hours in September and another has given notice of looking for a different position. This leaves Kelsea, who works Sat & Sunday, and me (Mary Ellen). I haven’t found a way to clone myself, so I need help finding people that you would like to see at markets.  I need a Thursday to Sunday person and a Friday to Sunday person. Contact us at

Mother’s Market grand opening

Read about how happy we are to be at Mother’s Market … and come to see us here in person!

Quote from news article:

Year-round indoor market is ‘here to stay’:  Mother’s Market downtown holds grand opening

By Mariam Ibrahim, Edmonton Journal, August 17, 2014

Mary Ellen Grueneberg, of Greens Eggs and Ham, said having a year-round market in the city is crucial.

“It’s the most exciting thing to happen to Edmonton because a multi-day, indoor market teaches year-round food sustainability,” said Grueneberg, who sells meat and produce from her family’s farm at several markets in Calgary and Edmonton. “That’s why we came in to this market. It’s something we’re very passionate about.”

Topping up your Futures CSA account

Members, please remember that when topping up your Futures account, it must be in multiples of $250.

My bookkeeper has to have an easy way to remove your amount from general sales so that my books balance. Our accounting is a nightmare for her with our CSA, Slow Money, Restaurant and market etc sales. This is the only easy way.

Sorry for the inconvenience, my staff is not being difficult when insisting but following directives.

Sunday help needed

NEEDED help finding a Sunday person for either SVR, CRO or MOM.

Nicole, who works Sundays at SVR, has accepted a new position at her full time job which does not allow her to be routinely available.. With MOM starting Aug 14th I no longer have an extra staff member to fill in. and I haven’t found a way to be 2 places on a Sunday!

PLEASE put the word out and HELP if you can. We can do a paid position or a Work for Product as part of our unique CSA.